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There’s a tree growing on a log in the middle of a lake in Canada

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This tree on the lake is a natural wonder; the little sprout is perched atop a log in the middle of the serene waters of Fairy Lake, relying solely on the wood for nutrients.

Each year, tourists, boaters and hikers visit the B.C. lake for a chance to glimpse the tough little tree.

The unique tree is located on Vancouver Island, about five miles east of the town of Port Renfrew.

There’s no need to rent a boat to see it, however; visitors can get a pretty good view of the tree from the logging road that runs parallel to the lake.

But it’s not just tourists that visit to catch a glimpse of the tree; it’s also a popular destination for photographers.

Photographer Adam Gibbs even won a prestigious award for his shot of the tree on the lake, which he called “a delightful scene.”

“I am sure that any photographer that has passed this spot couldn’t resist photographing this fascinating little bonsai conifer growing out of an old mossy stump,” Gibbs wrote on his website.

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Hi all! I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for checking out my images and leaving comments over the past year, thank you! When it comes to commenting on images myself I am not particularly generous and I apologize for that. Truth be told I would way rather be out in nature than looking at pictures of it on my phone or computer. Im off for a few weeks so I will leave you with a popular image of mine that seems to have universal appeal, the small conifer growing out of Fairy Lake in Port Renfrew. Have a great autumn everyone!. . . . . #opcmag #Worldtravelscapes #Worldprime #Naturescapes #Cascadiaexplored #Longexposure_shots #Ournaturedays #Imagesofcanada #Alive_photo #Nikon_canada #enjoycanada #BBCtravel #Viewbug #Tentree #naturephoto #main_vision #landscape_captures #awesome_earthpix #artofvisuals #dronephotography #beautifuldestinations #uav #agameoftones #inspire1 #explorebc #hellobc #explorecanada #nikonphotography #nikontop


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The tree on the lake is known more whimsically as the “Fairy Bonsai” tree (although bonsai trees are grown in pots).

The tough little guy is actually a Douglas Fir, however, clinging to the stump of another Douglas Fir.

When the water rises, the tree stump disappears under water, making the Fairy Bonsai look like it’s rising majestically out of the lake.

You almost wouldn’t be surprised to see water sprites taking up residence in its branches.

Whatever you want to call it, one thing is for sure: the tree on the lake certainly knows how to do social distancing right.


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