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The New Emergency Response Benefit Is Launching On April 6 But There Are Conditions

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If you need help, money could soon be on the way. Canada’s Emergency Response Benefit is finally launching on April 6 and you can apply for it online if you’ve lost your job because of COVID-19. However, there are some conditions.

During a press conference on April 1, the Prime Minister announced that the application portal for the new Emergency Response Benefit is officially launching on April 6.

This is for Canadians who have lost their jobs because of COVID-19 but if you’re getting the wage subsidy, you can’t receive money from this too.

“It’s one or the other, you can’t get both of these benefits,” Trudeau said.

You can apply online at Canada.ca or over phone by calling Canada Revenue Agency if you can’t do it on the website.

Money from the benefit will either be sent through the mail or through direct deposit, depending on what you choose when you apply.

Cheques will be mailed within 10 days and direct deposits should take three to five days.

After applying, you just have to confirm every month that you still don’t have a job.

If you’ve already applied through EI, you don’t need to do anything when the application portal launches.

“We’re getting you the help you need when you need it,” Trudeau said.


With the benefit, Canadians who are out of work because of the virus can get $2,000 a month for four months.

text scam has also been going around related to the Emergency Response Benefit claiming that a deposit has been made by the government.

During the press conference, Trudeau asked Canadians to step up and answer the call of duty to keep the country safe.

“Listening to public health rules is your duty, staying home is your way to serve,” he said. “How well we do right now determines where our country will be in two weeks or two months.”

Trudeau said during this time it has to be a team Canada effort. 


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