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The Hottest Year In Human History Expected To Hit Canada In 2020

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And you thought summer 2019 was hot.

 This year is apparently going to be the hottest year in human history, according to The Weather Network.

If last summer was any indication, we’ll probably all melt before the planet actually comes to ruin, so who cares anyway.

In the current brutal winter climate, the intense heat we experienced in Canada in summer 2019 seems like a distant memory by now.

However, these heat waves were totally unprecedented and killed more people than the 1998 ice storm.

Not only that, the west part of Canadian experience the grim effects of long-term heat with blazing and uncontrollable wildfires which seem to carry on for days and weeks at a time. The entire province of B.C. was forced into an official state of emergency, it got that bad.


That said, recent reports by The Weather Network and National Geographic have shown that a global trend toward rising heat is not stopping any time soon.

According to The Weather Network, 2020 will be “the hottest year in human history.” 

However, it’s important to note that this applies to the whole world, and not just Canada. 

By compiling data from 2019, experts are able to form prediction regarding climate and temperature for the years to come, and it looks like this year will likely become the fourth warmest on record.

Moreover, according to National Geographic, a developing El Niño event will only contribute to the fact that 2020 will very likely experience even more unprecedented levels of heat.

Just think about all of the weather-related repercussions of extreme heat we experienced in Canada alone, for example, wildfires, tornados, blazing heat waves, caterpillar infestations, and brutal hail storms.  

The rest of the world will also experience their own flavor of devastating weather related disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, and tropical storms. 

Canadians love warm weather, but there is a limit to what is considered safe and livable for human population. 

Stay tuned for more spring and summer forecasts in the coming weeks.


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