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Temperatures in parts of Canada to dip further below average than anywhere else on Earth

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Canada’s known for being one of the colder countries in the world — we are the True North strong and free, after all — but this is just getting ridiculous.

The Weather Network expects parts of Canada to face the strongest cold anomaly on the planet this weekend, meaning temperatures will dip further below average than anywhere else on Earth.

Sorry, Alberta, but you’re the unlucky recipient of this bone-chilling honour.

The Weather Network post states that temperatures in the Rocky Mountains will drop to near -40°C by Monday morning as a result of arctic air being pushed south from the North Pole.

Sunday night will likely see Edmonton hit -30°C, while Calgary and Grande Prairie are forecast to drop to -27°C and -32°C, respectively.

“Data going as far back as 1959 suggests a high of -20 or -30°C is about as cold a day as you can muster for the first half of November,” the post states.

“For reference, the Edmonton average daily high temperature this time of year is roughly 1°C.”

And while the rest of Canada may not be facing quite as cold (or snowy) of a fall as Alberta has been hit with so far, don’t worry, because the arctic air is apparently heading east after it’s done freezing up the Prairies.

Extreme cold weather will hit next week eastern Ontario and Quebec, with the coldest temperatures heading south and east towards the Laurentian Plateau from the Great Lakes.


Saskatchewan,Manitoba, and western Ontario, it is going to be an absolute nightmare. You’ll definitely want to stock up on soup, hot chocolate, thick outerwear and even some extra heaters, beacause this winter is going to be an unforgiving one. 

Canadians are at serious risk this year. Let’s just hope we can experience even a little bit of a winter wonderland this year before Canada freezes over. 


We’re sure BC is enjoying its mild Autumn months, as per usual.


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