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Someone made a map of Canada in the style of Super Mario

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This Super Mario style map of Canada is making waves on social media.

Using classic Super Mario icons and figures, the map is a pixel version of Canada that even includes snow in the coldest regions and clusters of trees in forested regions.

Although the map is not completely accurate (some cities and large lakes are missing and the shapes of some provinces are off), creator Lazare Viennot said that 100 per cent accuracy is not necessarily his goal. 

“I believe it’s sometimes necessary to add or remove a detail if it makes the map look better,” he said in an interview with Freshdaily. “For me, the the overall look of the map is what’s most important.”

Instead of including every city, Viennot said that he selected a few that he deemed important and then added them as levels.

“I always use the Star as the capital,” he added. 

Viennot, a second-year game art student at E-Artsup, a digital creativity and multimedia school in France, has re-imagined other country’s maps in a similar way using Aseprite, a software dedicated to pixel art. 

“I originally started to draw maps such as those for fun but it got a lot of attention, way more than I expected.”

Reaction to Viennot’s Canadian map has been widespread. While some pointed out the obvious inaccuracies, others loved the look of it. 

“I lived on Victoria Island — there were definitely no trees there, haha. Very cool, though. I really appreciated this post!” someone commented on Reddit.

I would love so much so much to play Super Mario world levels based on Canadian cities,” someone else wrote

Who wouldn’t love to see Mario take on Canadian cities in his next adventure?


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