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Politician under fire for saying Canadians spent CERB on Cheezies and drugs

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Alberta politician Shane Getson is under fire today after suggesting that Canadians are spending the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) on Cheezies, cartoons and drugs.

In the video, the United Conservative Party MLA is speaking at an event when he suggests that people are regularly devoting their $2,000 each month to Canada’s iconic fluorescent orange snack food.

“They can’t hire people,” Getson says, presumably speaking of businesses. “And I’m going, why not? Well, because they make more on CERB, eating Cheezies and watching cartoons, I guess.”

Getson also implied that Canadians are spending the “extra cash” and “funny money” on drugs.

In response to the video, the Alberta NDP are now calling for a public apology — both from Getson and Premier Jason Kenney.

But it isn’t just Alberta’s NDP party that’s criticizing Getson for what some people are calling “disgusting” comments.


“I would’ve lost my house if not for CERB,” one Alberta resident wrote. “I’d like Shane Getson to come and say this to my face.”

“Ummm CERB recipients are regular hardworking Albertan[s] who lost work because we needed to shut down in a global pandemic,” another person wrote. “This winter people will need support again.”

“I was never on CERB. But I am on the wage subsidy,” yet another person wrote. “And like many Albertans, I’ve been scrapping and crawling way through this pandemic. Plus, I’m gluten free, I can’t even eat cheesies.”

Both Getson and Kenney have yet to publicly respond to the NDP’s demand for an apology.


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