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Penguins At West Edmonton Mall Were Let Out To Freely Roam The Mall (VIDEO)

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We bet you’ve seen a whole host of videos of captive penguins recently. And a lot of those videos show penguins around the world getting the chance to break out and explore. Well now we’ve found one more video and it’s right here at the West Edmonton Mall.

The Penguins at the West Edmonton Mall got the chance of a lifetime to explore the mall on their own terms. And while none of the stores were open for the Penguins to make purchases, we bet they still had a grand old time.

Penguins Out On The Town

Just a couple of cuties out on the town 🐧🦎🐢😍. What's your favourite spot to explore in WEM? #WEM #YEG #WestEdmontonMall #Penguins #MarineLife

Posted by West Edmonton Mall on Wednesday, April 29, 2020

But you can judge that for yourself by watching the video above. And regardless, it has to be interesting for these birds to get a chance to explore outside their habitat. Because after all if there’s anything we’ve learned during quarantine it’s that being cooped up in the house gets old.

And if you didn’t love these cute flightless creatures already, you’ll love knowing that this endangered species is getting a chance to live on in Edmonton. But anyway, we’ll enjoy this video until the day when we can see these guys in person. If you’d like to learn more about the animals at the West Edmonton Mall, click here.


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