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More than 1,600 people in Canada have recovered from COVID-19 so far

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Being bombarded with incessant updates about new coronavirus cases and deaths across the country is disconcerting — as it should be, especially when people refuse to follow social distancing rules — but there is also a fair share of less-heavy news coming from the global pandemic.

From uplifting stories of people maintaining their sense of humanity in terrifying times to anecdotes of communities and individuals supporting one another, it certainly isn’t all bad.

And though Canada has now surpassed 10,000 COVID-19 diagnoses and has recorded 109 deaths from the communicable disease, there is also the fact that more than 1,600 of those who’ve fallen ill have now fully recovered. (Some sources report this number to be as high as 1683.)

Though this means only around 17 per cent of all patients have recovered —and a lot of people are still unfortunately sick — the fatality rate in Canada has been far less, only around 1.2 per cent.


And, though hospitalization data is only currently available for 3,177 of Canada’s cases, it indicates that only 148 people have been sick enough to be admitted to the ICU, and 486 have required hospitalization in general — that’s a hospitalization rate of 15 per cent, with less than 5 per cent in intensive care.

Though these numbers aren’t great, they’re not as bad as they could be or have been in other affected countries.

Globally, as we approach one million cases of the novel virus — 962,977 in more than 200 countries at the time of publication — there have been approximately 202,935 recoveries, compared with 49,180 deaths.

The World Health Organization also released a review at the end of February that indicated that up to 80 per cent of cases worldwide at that time had been mild to moderate, not severe.

Though these statistics show that the virus is nothing to scoff at, hopefully seeing the often-overlooked recovery numbers can provide some sense of comfort to those living in a state of fear and anxiety right now.

Still, it is absolutely crucial that every citizen do their due diligence to stay home as much as possible and socially distance, not only for the safety of themselves and others, but also so that life can go back to something resembling normal in the foreseeable future.


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