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Ice Cream Was Just Recalled Across Canada Due To ‘Metal Particle’ Hazard

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As Canadians are flocking to the store to stock up on their favourite ice cream, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is warning that multiple kinds of ice cream have been recalled in parts of Canada.  

This recall comes after the CFIA has discovered that some ice cream products may contain small pieces of metal that could be hazardous to the consumer. 

The CFIA announced today that multiple Agropur Cooperative products have been recalled throughout Ontario,Newfoundland and Labrador,Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia,Manitoba this summer. This recall includes multiple flavours of ice cream and frozen yogourt from the Idéale brand, Iceberg Premium brand, and Originale Augustin brand. 

Specifically, this recall includes multiple products like 11.4 L packages of Idéale vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch, mango, chocolate chip, green tea, french vanilla, and strawberry ice cream. 

Iceberg Premium vanilla ice cream in the 11.4 L packages is also being recalled, as well as Original Augustin’s frozen yogourt slices.

These products are being recalled by the CFIA after it was discovered that some of these products may contain small metal pieces that can be hazardous to those who consume it. So far, no injuries have been reported. 



This additional recall comes after Agropur issued a voluntary recall on their ice cream ‘mega sandwiches’ last week. Both Iceberg and Original Augustin sandwiches were recalled because Agropur found that these products may pose a potential health risk. 

In a statement, Agropur stated, “We are taking this voluntary action out of an abundance of caution.” 

This voluntary recall triggered an investigation by the CFIA, which discovered that it was more than just Agropur’s ice cream sandwiches that could have been contaminated with fine metal pieces. 

The CFIA states that their investigation is still underway and other products may be affected. 

At the moment, the CFIA is currently verifying that the industry will be removing the product from store shelves. 

The CFIA warns anybody that has purchased any of these affected products to discard of it immediately. 

To see if your ice cream has been affected, you can check the lot number that will be located on the packaging of your product.  


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