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Canadians Can Now Be Fined Up To $3K For Not Practicing Social Distancing

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Life in Canada just got a little less social. In an announcement Friday from Police, it was confirmed that people and businesses who break new COVID-19 social distancing rules could receive seriously hefty fines. For members of the public, a $3,000 fine could be just around the corner.

While the majority of people are complying with the latest rules, Police in Canada says that many others continue to ignore them.

For individuals, fines can range from $2500 to $3,000, while businesses and corporations could face a bill of up to $500,000 for breaking the new social distancing protocol.

Under emergency legislation, gatherings of 50 people or more have been banned, businesses have been forced to close to the public, and all large public events have become prohibited.

These rules will remain in place until at least May, but it’s possible they could be extended further.


To protect yourself and your community during #COVID19 pandemic, please educate yourself on required closures as a result of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act here: https://t.co/EVWys7VVGN. To report non-compliance visit https://t.co/lkZoGzFVZapic.twitter.com/hTfIviEvgU— ) March 20, 2020

Our provinces will be in the position to act as fast and decisively as needed … This is changing hour by hour, day by day, and we’re getting ahead of the curve,”Police in Canada said .

This comes as cases of COVID-19 continue to be diagnosed across the country and people in Canada are not practicing social distancing .


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