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Canada Will Be One Of The Coldest Places On Earth Next Week At Nearly -30 C

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We’ve got some unfortunate news for you. According to The Weather Network, the coldest place on earth will be Canada next week . Given the weather over the past couple of weeks, it’s not exactly impossible to believe, but it’s still pretty shocking. 

Earlier today, Environment Canada issued several winter storm and snowfall warnings in most parts of Canada.

According to The Weather Network, Canada is going to be even colder than Antarctica and the North Pole next week as temperatures will drop to -30 C with windchill values.

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Over the next several days, Canada will experience one of the most extreme temperature anomalies on the planet, TWN reports. If you were planning on leaving the house at all this weekend, you may want to cancel. Unless you have your snowsuit and thermal gear on.

“Arctic air is forecast to barrel down from the North Pole and will settle east of the Rocky Mountains,” reports The Weather Network. On Saturday evening, temperatures will begin to plummet and by Wednesday morning, they are expected to hit -30 C. 

It is not just the temperatures that will be cooling things down, though. Powerful winds and up to 40 cm of snow are part of Environment Canada’s weather warnings for next week .


According to The Weather Network, when the snow starts falling, it will enhance the cold airmass and move temperatures into record territory by Wednesday and Friday morning. This is especially true in and places like Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

The Weather Network was able to pull data that suggested the coldest it has ever gotten in Edmonton this time of year was -16 or -17 C. Their records date all the way back to 1959.

If you think this cold snap is only going to stick around for the week, think again. The Weather Network has stated that the arctic air will “move like molasses” and take over eastern Canada in the second week of November. 


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