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Canada Goose Just Quietly Deleted Their Ethical Treatment Of Animals Claims From Their Website

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They are firmly denying the allegations.

Toronto-based luxury apparel company Canada Goose has seen its shares fall significantly last week after it quietly pulled all claims of ethical treatment of animals from their promotional material. Their stocks fell by 4.7 percent last Thursday and continued to fall 3 percent the following day. The New York Post reported on Aug. 1 that the company has been under investigation by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for false advertising for over a year now. 

PETA procured a video in 2017 of Canada Goose employees roughly handling geese at a ranch in British Columbia, which gave way for the FTC’s investigation of the luxury apparel company. In the video, the workers can be seen stepping on the geese, shoving them into packed cages, and grabbing them by their necks. Some of the geese can be seen suffocating to death in the cramped cages.

Following this incident was when the claims of ethical practices were wiped from Canada Goose’s website, although the exact date that this happened is unclear. 

There is, however, a letter from the FTC dated June 17, 2019, recommending that all false advertising be removed from their website. The letter stated that there were concerns “that Canada Goose may have made false or misleading representations about the treatment of geese whose down is used in Canada Goose’s apparel.” 

Canada Goose has denied the allegations. “The changes to our website were not made at the behest of the FTC, and the FTC did not reach any conclusions regarding whether any prior statements were misleading,” Canada Goose said in a statement responding to the New York Post. “We are appalled by the gross mischaracterization of our long-standing ethical sourcing standards which have only strengthened over time and become more robust.”

People are not here for it, as you can see below. 



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